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Air Freight

Normally time of shipment by air is generally much shorter than shipments by sea, it should be noted that air freight is usually considered more expensive to move a cargo from A to B. However, on small volumetric consignments air freight may be more cost effective than sea freight because of the conversion model used by airlines.

Our team can design an airfreight that meets your needs.

  • International: Air freighting cargo from Mauritius to Dubai or around the world, our network of international partners are positioned in different countries around the globe ready to assist and offer support where required.

  • Outsourcing: Outsource your air freight to us and we can provide a complete Door to Door solution where you can save time and money. Nowadays, there is a trend where companies are outsourcing parts of their activities thus concentrate on their core business. Our success is dependent on your success.

  • Customer focus: We are able to tailor an airfreight that meets your requirements whether it is "Must Fly", "Scheduled Economy", "Consolidation" or "Cross Trade" to all major destinations. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us, it is imperative for us to keep an eye on customer feedback.

  • Client Partnering: Effective management on air freight will depend on team collaboration, trust and honesty, working effectively together on an individual and business level. One of our key strength is our flexibility to work in partnering agreement with our customers and clients.

Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I calculate the volume for Chargeable weight in air freight?
The chargeable weight of an air shipment is always calculated to the "advantage of the airline". As an example, if the gross weight of a shipment is 135 kgs and the volume weight resulting from the calculation below comes to 311 kgs, the AWB (Air Waybill) MUST be established for 311 kgs chargeable weight.

An Example: 4 Parcels / 135 kg gross, including :

1 parcel 15 kg 102x85x72 cm,
2 drums 32 kg Height 110 cm, diameter 45 cm (each),
1 pallet 56 kg 120x80x80 cm
One time 1,02 x 0,85 x 0,72 meters .......................... 0,650 cubic meters
Two times 1,10 x 0,45 x 0,45 meters ........................ 0,446 cubic meters
One time 1,20 x 0,80 x 0,80 meters .......................... 0,768 cubic meters
Thus, total volume ................................................... 1,864 cubic meters
Chargeable Weight by Volume (1,864 cubic meters x 166,667 kg)=310,6 kg

Being higher than the actual gross weight (135 kg) we tax the AWB on the basis of 311 kg (volume weight rounded off to the next higher 1/2 kg). The chargeable weight is always rounded off to the next 1/2 Kg. (500 gms). As an example, 310,6 kg = 311 kg).

That's fine but how will I know how much this will cost?
Simple, contact us and we will send you a quotation. There are three ways you can contact us by telephone on the +230 2176600, fax on +230 2179900 or e-mail us at: info@sotrimex.mu

Will I have to take my cargo to the airport?
Depending on the nature of the cargo, arrangements can be made for pick up at your location. If for example you are air freighting an equipment for repairs Sotrimex can have your consignment delivered to your overseas workshop and arrange the return of your repaired equipment to your premises.

If I decide to make the delivery or pick up myself will I need an appointment?
Yes, this and other arrangements can be made by Sotrimex on your behalf which is part of the service we provide and we are please to assist you with this service.

I'm concerned about my cargo should I consider insurance?
We understand your concern. Yes, often air cargo insurance is purchased at the time of your air shipment. This unfortunately is not an answer we can give you easily since all shipments have different requirements. Therefore please allow us to discuss this with you.

What will my forwarder need from me in order to air freight my cargo?
Basically after booking interest has been secured a letter authorizing Sotrimex to handle your goods we will be required, your tax ID number will be required, addresses and phone numbers of the receiver overseas are required for export and addresses and phone numbers of the shipper overseas are required for import, and an emergency or third party as an additional contacts preferred.

How will I know if my cargo has arrived?
Sotrimex will send an arrival notice to you the consignee therefore alerting you about the schedule of the arriving vessel. What do I do if I have another question and can I get more information on a particular subject? There are three ways you can contact us by telephone on the +230 2176600, fax on +230 2179900 or e-mail us at: info@sotrimex.mu

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