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Cross Trade

Cross trade traffic in some cases forms part of a major project where a huge volume of complexity may be involved however broken down to achieve a smooth transition from one point to the other. Cross trade can be part of an element of a much larger logistical move and requires a deep understanding of local procedures and cultures in countries where you are not physically based.

Sotrimex provides that knowledge with its experience in handling cross trade shipments whether it is from China to Egypt, Reunion to Seychelles, South Africa to India to name just a few.

  • Over-seeing: With our strong overseas presence in any major ports around the world, we have a network of worldwide partners are located in different countries ready to help and offer their collaboration where required. To obtain high quality services from we get involved therefore over-seeing the supply chain whichever country it starts and ends in.

  • Smooth communication: Our experienced team will take care of general forwarding requirements, insurance work and letters of credit where required; where we will combine all these elements into one smooth communication through Sotrimex so that our customers know whichever area of the supply chain we are dealing with.
  • One point of contact: Speak to different sections when handling different parts of the supply chain is something you come across in many companies but Sotrimex own style is different. Whoever your contact is or whichever country it starts and ends in, we will be able to advise or provide logistics solutions for your cross trade cargo.

  • Outsourcing: We offer Cross Trade solutions outsource your Cross Trade activity to us and we can suggest Port to Port and/or Airport to Airport whichever country it starts and whichever country it ends in. Currently, many companies are concentrating on their core activities therefore creating value by outsourcing parts of their business. You can trust our expertise to move your Cross Trade cargo.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What is Cross Trade Shipment?
Cross Trade Shipment is cargo that is freighted either by air and/or sea from one country to another country but not through your homebase where you are currently based. For example: Sotrimex will send cargo from China to Egypt without the goods routing via Mauritius.

Is Sotrimex Cross Trade Service only limited to Mauritian customers?
Absolutely not. We welcome any new regional and/or international customers who wishes to choose Sotrimex as their freight forwarder. We look forward export our services. Simply contact us by telephone on the + 230 2176600, fax on + 230 2179900 or simply e-mail us at: info@sotrimex.mu

What will Sotrimex need from me in order to Cross Trade my cargo from the country it starts and ends in?
Basically after booking interest has been secured with us:

  1. A letter authorizing Sotrimex to handle your goods we will be required,
  2. Your tax ID number or VAT number will also be required,
  3. Addresses and phone numbers of the supplier (i.e Sender) are required
  4. Addresses and phone numbers of the final consignee ( i.e Receiver) are required
  5. An emergency or third party as an additional contacts preferred.

How will I know if my cargo has arrived destination?
Sotrimex will send an arrival notice to you the consignee therefore alerting you about the schedule of the arriving vessel.

What do I do if I have another question and can I get more information on Cross Trade Shipment?
Contact us and we will help and advise you on your shipment. You can contact us by telephone on the + 230 2176600, fax on + 230 2179900 or Simply e-mail us your questions at: info@sotrimex.mu

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