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Project Cargo

Project cargo is cargo which cannot be shipped in a conventional manner, either because of its shape, size and weight which in some cases can be composed of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled.

These vary from small building projects to complete industrial complexes requiring the co-ordination of shipments from several countries through to delivery on site.

Planned delivery of certain strategic items is ensured on time and a schedule is drawn up and agreed upon to ensure all parties are fully aware of time sensitive deliveries.

  • International Network: We have a network of partners who have experience in project cargo which are located in different countries around the world. They are ready to help and offer their collaboration where required in any situation whether the cargo is big or small. In any project we understand there is always a combination of sea and air freight, something we are proud to say we manage so well.

  • Creating Value: You can outsource your project cargo activities to us whether it is a combination of big and small cargo shipped by air and sea, we can suggest alternative solutions if required where you can save time and money. Currently our Mauritian customers who operate in the construction sector are concentrating on their core activities therefore creating value by outsourcing parts of their business. You can trust us to manage your project cargo thus add value to your core business.

  • Strategic Orientation: Effective management of cargo projects depends on confidence, trust and teamwork together with close personal and business working relationships. One of our key strength is our flexibility to work in cost-saving partnering agreement with our customers.

  • Closer Relationship: We are able to customise a cargo project that meets your requirements therefore efficient management is based on clearly understanding the key objectives of the project, encourage two way communications, keeping and improving relationships with current and new customers.One of our key performance indicators is customer retention; therefore we always keep an eye on customer feedback.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What is an example of a Cargo project shipment?
Out of size cargo for example bulldozers and dredgers, giant lorries, cranes, electrical turbines, industrial electrical generators, sewage pipes. All these can be considered as project cargo.

Does Sotrimex have enough experience in Project Cargo?
Yes. Project cargo is a significant area of Sotrimex's expertise, years of experience working with projects and heavy lift cargo of different descriptions and dimensions certify Sotrimex to proficiently overcome the hurdles that can face these intricate projects. Our experienced, well-rounded projects team provides specialized services to meet your requirements.

I am in the construction business in Mauritius and import materials and equipment from overseas, Can I appoint Sotrimex as my International freight forwarder ?
Yes absolutely- Only a freight forwarder with experience in Project Cargo like Sotrimex can coordinate and synchronise the practical experience needed to handle your cargo. With a knowledgeable team passionately committed and always on your side, we are up for the challenging business of managing the delivery programme of your project.

What information will Sotrimex need to process shipping formalities?
Some of the typical information reviewed by Sotrimex to proceed will be for example commercial invoice, shipper export declaration, in some cases phytosanitary certificates. However, it is important to note that other additional documents may defer from country to country.

Where do I start my shipping enquiry?
You can start by completing our simple quotation form we will acknowledge personally on receipt of your request, Alternatively, you can call us on +230 2176600, fax us on +230 2179900 or e-mail us at: info@sotrimex.mu

Should I use Sotrimex for Project Cargo shipments "only to" or "only from" Mauritius ?
Not at all. We can offer crosstrade shipment from one part of the world to the other without the cargo routing via Mauritius. Our customers have trusted Sotrimex to ship consignments from countries with an exclusive working culture such as France to islands with a distinctive way of getting things done such as Seychelles.

Does the freight forwarder you select really know your product?
If possible choose a freight forwarder who understands the special needs of your cargo. Sotrimex is a specialist in cargo projects whether it is big or small. The large established construction companies in Mauritius recommend Sotrimex for exactly these types of project based shipments. With almost seventeen years in the industry Sotrimex has the experience to handle your project based cargo.

Is Sotrimex licensed or approved by appropriate entities?
International Freight forwarders must be licensed by the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA): Sotrimex is the holder of a Freight Forwarder License and is also a member of Association Professionnelle des Transitaires (APT) as such, is duly authorized to carry on the business of forwarding shipments transported by sea or air.

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