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Sea Freight

Sea freight is often international by nature; it is used to transport a variety of commodities ranging from general cargo, bulk cargo and unpackaged raw materials. In general sea freight is a very cost effective method of moving large quantities of non-perishable goods however, sea shipment is slow and the transport duration is longer than by air.

Through close relationships with leading carriers we take the time and commitment to offer the best sea freight option.

Our team will try its best to identify the most efficient route and service quality while providing the most cost efficient solutions.

  • International: Sea freighting cargo from Singapore to Mauritius or any major ports around the world, we have a network of worldwide partners which are located in different countries ready to help and offer their collaboration where required.

  • Outsourcing: Outsource your sea freight activity to us and we can suggest Port to Port or Door to Door if required where you can save time and money. Currently, many companies are concentrating on their core activities therefore creating value by outsourcing parts of their business. You can trust us to move your cargo, it needs to be tried to be compared.

  • Customer focus: We are able to customise a sea freight that meets your requirements whether it is consolidation, out of gauge, heavy lift, Ro-Ro, LCL, FCL, or " crosstrade shipment" to or from all major destinations. Customer satisfaction is one of our key performance indicators; we keep an eye on customer feedback.

  • Client Partnering: Effective management on sea freight will depend on reliability, confidence and joint effort, working effectively together whether it is on an individual or business level. One of our key strength is our flexibility to work in partnering agreement with our customers.

Frequently-Asked Questions

If I use Sotrimex how will I be charged?
Charges vary depending on the particular type of shipment you have and the way the different ship lines price your goods in their tariff. For example, When using Ro-Ro service a flat rate is are normally charged for a car however if the requires to be containerized then a completely new rate structure may be required.

That's fine but how will I know how much this will cost?
Simple, contact us and we will send you a quotation. There are three ways you can contact us by telephone on the +230 2176600, fax on +230 2179900 or e-mail us at: info@sotrimex.mu

Will I have to take my cargo to the port? If so where will I deliver it?
Depending on the nature of the cargo, arrangements can be made for pick up at your location. If for example you are freighting an oversized cargo Sotrimex can have your consignment delivered to the port.

If I decide to make the delivery or pickup myself will I need an appointment?
Yes, this and other arrangements can be made by Sotrimex on your behalf which is part of the service we provide and we are please to assist you with this service.

I'm concerned about my cargo should I consider insurance?
We understand your concern. Yes, often marine cargo insurance is purchased at the time of shipment. This unfortunately is not an answer we can give you easily since all shipments have different requirements. Therefore please allow us to discuss this with you.

What will my Sotrimex need from me in order to sea freight my cargo?
Basically after booking interest has been secured a letter authorizing Sotrimex to handle your goods we will be required, your tax ID number or VAT number will be required, addresses and phone numbers of the receiver overseas are required for export and addresses and phone numbers of the shipper overseas are required for import, and an emergency or third party as an additional contacts preferred.

How will I know if my cargo has arrived?
Sotrimex will send an arrival notice to you the consignee therefore alerting you about the schedule of the arriving vessel.

What do I do if I have another question and can I get more information on a particular subject?
There are three ways you can contact us by telephone on the +230 2176600, fax on +230 2179900 or e-mail us at: info@sotrimex.mu

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