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Unaccompanied Baggage

This type of shipment is designed for individuals who are planning to send their personal belongings to a foreign or home country. We understand the importance and the sentimental value placed on your belongings, we make it simple for you; in most cases offering a reliable door to door service.

  • Off-Airport: We offer off-airport baggage shipping and handles personal and household effects for example expatriates working on major construction projects in Mauritius who have chosen Sotrimex to freight their personal belongings, a reflection of our reputation.

  • Alternative Option: Unaccompanied baggage is an alternative method of sending excess luggage to your destination. It is an independent service and offers you a cheaper rate on a space available basis.

  • Send Luggage Ahead: We offer our customers the option to send luggage ahead to nearly any major worldwide destination, to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming bags and even going through customs. Therefore allowing the ability to avoid unnecessary stress and frustration, thus relax, travel light and save time.

  • Alternative Method: Sending unaccompanied luggage by sea freight remains a relatively cheaper option. In general sea freight is a very cost effective method however sea shipment is slow and the transport duration is much longer than by air. However this option may suit someone who prefers a trade-off of savings against time.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Do you accept Suitcases/ Motorbikes/ Golf Clubs?
Yes, we accept all the above; for items not listed provide us with the measurements: Length, Width and Height, this allows us to give an accurate quote. The charges will vary according to the size of the items.

Do I have to lock the suitcases?
Yes, you may lock your suitcase however MRA Customs perform random inspections and the lock can be broken if the locked suitcase is inspected. It is advisable to send the keys attached to the suitcase either with tape or a chain.

Can I use my own boxes?
Yes, but please ensure that your own boxes are made of strong cardboard. The charge for sending your boxes depends upon their size. Please provide us with the measurements: Length, Width and Height, to get an accurate quote.

What is the difference in price and service between 'Door-to-Door' and 'Door-to-Port'?
The 'Door-to-Door' Service takes your shipment from the door of the originating address, transporting it to the destination country, clearing it through Customs and delivering your shipment to the door at the destination address.

The 'Door-to-Port' service covers collecting from the door of the originating address and transporting it to a depot at, or in the vicinity of the destination port or airport. Sotrimex involvement ends at this point; it is your responsibility to clear your shipment through Customs and to arrange the collection of your goods and pay any local charges.

How do I know there are no hidden charges at the destination?
Sotrimex Customer Policy is to inform you up front about all the charges of which we are aware. The only uncertainty arises from what you are sending. Customs will charge duty on, for example, new items, alcohol, and cigarettes, if you have items like these there will be duty to be paid. Certain countries have strict Environmental Controls and may require a phytosanitary certificate where applicable . Sotrimex will advise you when these conditions apply but the responsibility rests with you to minimise the charges.

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