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It's more than just paperwork

Sotrimex is one of the few Mauritian International freight forwarders able to offer a customised shipping service to expedite the movements of project cargo on an international scale.

Our expertise in cargo projects extends from shipping heavy lifts equipment for companies engaged in assembling a thermal power station to air freighting a water pump spare part for a major hotel refurbishment project. With a knowledgeable team passionately committed and always on your side, we are up for the challenging business of harmonising the delivery programme of your project. We are much more than just another freight forwarder. Sotrimex does not relate to overgenerous Mission Statements that uses the latest "buzz-word" that guarantees to delight and excite. However, what we do promise is that we are competent and reliable and you can trust us that what we say we will accomplish.

We try as far as possible to innovate and to provide professional solutions as a tool of good practice. Quality of service is central to our business.

If freight expertise will add value to your business, you can contact us now.

Sotrimex welcomes your enquiry

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